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  • 2001-1999
  • 2004-2002
  • 2007-2005
  • 2010-2008
  • 2013-2011
  • 2016-2014
  • 2017-so far
  • 2001年
    • ◆Becoming the main supplier of OEM processing for Huawei

  • 1999年

      ◆Established in April 1999, Feiling Kesi Communication Technology Co., Ltd

      ◆Starting to provide customers with lightning protection components and complete solutions

  • 2003年
    • ◆The company successfully expanded its business scale and successfully completed its first overall relocation in December of that year


  • 2006年
    • ◆Establishing a cooperative relationship with French LEA company

      ◆Passed ISO9000 quality system certification


  • 2010年



    • Establishing a cooperative relationship with Xinhua San (H3C)

    • Data communication products have passed CCC certification

    • Certified by ISO14000 environmental system


  • 2009年



      ◆Introduce 5 new SMT production lines and establish a static electricity protection system throughout the production process

  • 2008年


    • ◆New product introduction of North American security unit module, UL certified

  • 2013年



    • HP brand data communication products have passed UL certification, and the management system has passed German GS safety certification

    • To expand production capacity, the company has relocated from Nanshan District, Shenzhen to Bao'an District as a whole

    • Wireless product line establishment and mass production



  • 2016年



    • ◆Fully introduce SAP management system

      ◆The company has completed the shareholding system transformation, changing from a "limited company" to a "joint stock limited company" as a whole

      ◆Introducing FUJI high-speed SMT machine, greatly improving installation accuracy and production capacity


  • 2015年



    • ◆The polar routing products produced by the company were successfully launched for the first time on JD.com

      ◆Xinhua San (H3C) awarded the company the 2014 Excellent Delivery Support Award 

      ◆Wireless pole routing products have passed CCC certification


  • 2014年



    • ◆Awarded&quo; National level high-tech enterprise; title

      ◆Complete the capacity expansion, upgrading and transformation project of data communication products

      ◆The company officially introduces the PDM office management system


  • 2017年
    • ◆Awarded as an Excellent Manufacturing Enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2017

      ◆Ranked among the top 500 manufacturing companies in Guangdong Province in 2017

      ◆Honored as a standing member unit of the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Development Promotion Association and the first council of the Guangdong Provincial Manufacturing Association

      ◆Passed NEC Data Communication Product Quality Management System Review


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