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Corporate culture
  • Enterprise spirit
    Practical work: Advocate for practical work, result oriented, and strive to achieve the goal of "having people in charge of everything, implementing everything, and taking responsibility at all levels"
    Collaboration: Create a work atmosphere of "resource integration, technology sharing, mutual cooperation, smooth information, vitality, and vitality"
    Unity: Time is not as good as geography, and geography is not as good as harmony. Unity is strength. Throughout the company, we strive to use our strengths in one direction, seek wisdom in one direction, and think in the same direction. Promote positive energy and transmit positive energy< Br/> Progress: Beyond oneself, beyond the past, forge ahead, and never forget one's original intention.
  • Management idea
    Taking innovation as the driving force, quality as the life, efficiency as the direction, and customer as the center< Br/> By focusing on the three elements of "responsible person, time limit, and results",
    The ultimate goal is to achieve "management responsibility, work standardization, procedural handling, and maximum efficiency".
  • Enterprise mission
    Adhering to the principle of "technology first, facility guarantee, quality control, fast service, customer first, and employee growth",
    Continuously improving the company's core competitiveness and achieving dual growth in economic and social benefits.
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